Apollonia Business Solutions was awarded a
BPA for professional services to support the
National Institutes of Health,
BPA number HHSN263201500005B
News and Announcements
Apollonia Business Solutions LLC
2011 Crystal Drive,
Suite 400
Arlington, Virginia

Tel: (703) 682-6983
Fax: 703-892-6533

Apollonia Business Solutions is a member of the
Health Services Advisory Group, Inc. (HSAG) team,
which was awarded an IDIQ contract under the
Program Support Center (PSC) IDIQ Task Order
Contracts Solicitation 14-233-SOL-00009 for the
Department of Health and Human Services

Mr. William Barker, President of Apollonia Business
, was recognized in October 2015 with the
Director's Award by the National institutes of Health
for his contributions to the success of the Chief
Information Officer - Commodities and Solutions
(CIO-CS)  Government-wide Acquisition Contract