Apollonia Business Solutions, LLC, has a varied
customer base currently focused on the federal
government, and has been responsive because of its
understanding of federal government operations and ability
to focus on the specific mission.
 Apollonia Business
Solutions, LLC
is currently supporting or has recently
supported the following agencies both directly and as a
                          Public Sector

The Library of Congress
Facilities services cost estimating
• Identification and development of requirements
Acquisition support and proposal evaluation

General Services Administration (GSA)
Program management and acquisition support to the Center for
Travel Management
• Agency outreach and change management

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Program management and acquisition support to the NIH
Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center
(NITAAC) in support of the  NIH Government-wide Acquisition
Contracts (GWACS)
, NIH Library, Center for Scientific Review

                            Private Sector
- ReliaTrust
- Noblis, Inc.
- Octo Consulting Group

 iPower LLC
 SeventhSense Consulting
Apollonia Business Solutions LLC
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